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Our Team

Mr. Clinton Howe

Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director

Capt. Howe is a graduate of the Royal Military College - Duntroon and has been a serving Tank Commander for 9 years in the Australian Army. Capt. Howe has significant leadership experience and technical knowledge co-ordinating Defence Systems and managing operations with over 120 personnel. In 2016, Capt. Howe received an academic medal from James Cook University in his Bachelor of Business.

Mr. Stephen Howe


Mr. Howe has over 35 years of industry experience as a mechanical engineer, having personally completed and delivered over $1B+ in contracted works as a CEO. Mr. Howe received his postgraduate qualification from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Microbiology and Sanitation of Mechanical Systems and is an expert on controlling disease through air systems. Mr. Howe has significant experience in business management having managed teams of over 100 personnel throughout his career.

Mr. Paul Clarke


Mr. Clark has over 30 years of trade experience and was a pioneer of utilising non-toxic contagion controls in refrigeration units within Australia. Mr. Clarke is a trained refrigeration technician and has significant experience in daily operations, governance and work health and safety.

Dr. Maxim Hatton

Medical Officer

Dr. Max Hatton is a qualified General Practitioner with a special interest in Public Health Medicine. He completed his Medical Degree with an academic medal in 2012, before proceeding to complete a Masters of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, with Distinction, in 2015. He attained a Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine in 2018. Dr. Hatton holds particular interests in preventative medicine including environmental conditions, modifiable risk factors of disease, reducing burden of disease and evidence based medicine to improve the health of the community.

Dr. Alice Young

MBBS, MMed (CritCare)
Medical Officer

Dr. Alice Young is an intensive care specialist-in training with a special interest in rural and tropic medicine. She completed her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery with an academic medal in 2012, before proceeding to complete a Masters of Medicing (Critical Care Medicine) 2017. She is an Intensive Care Specialist-In Training; a key component of this role is the management of critically ill patients including people with communicable diseases. The prevention of microbial resistance and disease spread is a fundamental component of this practice and this is one of her key interests.

Cpl. Nicholas Mayall

Chief Vermin Officer

Corporal Nicholas Mayall joined the Australian Army in 2011, graduating as a specialist tank crewman. Through his career, his skill and expertise were developed in all Australian environments and saw him selected to represent Australia as a non-commissioned officer in the world’s most competitive armoured warfare event in Georgia, USA. He has operated in all Australian environments and is a trained Gunnery Sergeant. He is specialised in reconnaissance, analysis, mission execution and review whilst always ensuring safety, respect and a disciplined team in any vermin control, upholding his military values at all times.